LIVE: How does TechLab spend its time?

Mar 17, 2020
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Since April 1, 2019 TechLab members have been reporting on how they spend their time in the lab. This report answers different questions, such as—which initiatives has the team been working on? Is it a meeting or a development work? Which faculty or unit are they engaged with? Over-all, this live reporting has now recorded:

Total Statistics

Each initiative handled by TechLab is assessed with an impact score from 1 to 50. This allows the assessment of how the lab is allocating their time and maximising the benefits they could deliver with the limited resources.

List of Initiatives worked on by TechLab

The profile of hours reported by the Techlab team vary month per month. Multiple factors contribute to this including, but not limited to, semester activities, team headcount, and/or scheduled university shutdowns. With the varying schedule, initiatives are still prioritised appropriately; a comparison of monthly average impact and hours spent can be seen below.

Hours vs Impact (click the tabs to see the difference).

As much as TechLab is composed of people with varying specialisation and expertise, its members also spend their time in varying types of activities and wearing different hats at work.

John Jota

Innovation Engineer

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