Streamline your design process with these AI-Powered Figma Plugins!

Apr 27, 2023

Something every designer would love to hear is,"This can make your job easier!", or "This will give you an unfair advantage!". Now that Artificial Intelligence is literally being used everywhere, I would love to share some of the AI-powered Figma plugins that I've used and tested personally that can help streamline your design workflow.

1. Ando AI

(Download the Plugin)

Ando AI helps you generate millions of design ideas from prompts, shapes, and images. This can help designers fill up their mid/high-fidelity wireframes with relevant custom images and visual assets that can be used to make your wireframes more beautiful. (P.S. The post image was created using Ando AI!)


(Download the Plugin)

Nothing hurts more than presenting your beautiful wireframes, and you catch spelling mistakes smack bang in the middle of your presentation. Embarrasing. It makes me wonder why companies dont make propreitary spell check for their design tools. As chronic mis-speller, this plugin is paramount to my design process. This will help a designer check spelling and even grammar and vocabulary, and then fix them with a single click.

3. MagiCopy

(Download the Plugin)

Tired of thinking of a jaw-dropping punchline for you landing page? With MagiCopy you're able to generate copy for your landing page according to the industry and product you are designing for. If you dont like generated copy, you can always use it as a guide or inspiration to finetune your finals punchline.

4. Stark

(Download the Plugin)

Stemming from my previous article about WCAG Compliance. One of the easiest ways to not be compliant is the incorrect use of colour. Stark is the Figma version of where you can see real-time of the contrast score for colours and different sizes of text.

As time goes by and AI advancements in Figma Plugin progress I will update this article in the future on the useful plugins that I will end up using.

If you found these useful, please do share with your fellow designers.

Darren Phung

Multimedia Designer

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